Upcoming events

    • 16 May 2019
    • PNCI

    Andi Wolfe, plant evolutionary biologist by day and internationally known turner, carver and pyrographer by night, will be demonstrating at the May club meeting. She will demonstrate texturing using both pyrography and carving/scorching, coloring techniques using acrylic paints, and creating a metal patina effect on a textured surface. 

    Her Thursday evening demonstration will be followed by an all-day demonstration on Friday and an all-day, hands-on, limited registration class on Saturday.

    You can see more of Andi’s work on her website at: . 

    • 17 May 2019
    • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • PNCI

    Andi Wolfe, plant evolutionary biologist by day and internationally known turner, carver and pyrographer by night,  will be demonstrating the use of color and texture to express organic themes. 

    At her all day demo she plans to:

    Turn a small bowl;

    Present slides on her work and design inspirations;

    Demonstrate texturing using a carving tool;

    Demonstrate carving with scorching;

    Demonstrate pyrography techniques and textures; 

    Demonstrate coloring techniques; and,

    Demonstrate carving in 3D.

    You can see more of her work at:

    • 18 May 2019
    • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • PNCI
    • 6

    Andi Wolfe, plant evolutionary biologist by day and internationally known turner, carver and pyrographer by night,  will be doing an all-day, hands on class on Saturday, May 18th.  

    The class will be limited to six students, and students must bring pyrography equipment to participate. See below for a list of the necessary equipment.

    Students will learn pyrography and coloring techniques by:

    1. doing a sampler board of pyrography textures;

    2. burning in a duplicate design on a plaque;

    3. coloring one design using prismacolor markers; and

    4. coloring the duplicate design using acrylic paints.

    Students must bring a pyrography burner and appropriate tips.  Andi says:

    Students should have a woodburning set-up (Detail Master or Burnmaster will be best), and pens with the following tips: 

    1.  a ball tip or writing tip such as the Colwood FT ball tip #2;

    2.  the equivalent of a Colwood FT DM11A (a spear-shaped tip) or a Colwood FT-MR (a knife blade shaped tip; and,

    3.  a spoon shader, such as the Colwood FT-SP.

    If you want to attend but are not able to provide this equipment contact Harvey Rogers at before you register to see if we can arrange for someone to loan you this equipment.

Past events

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22 Mar 2019 Sam Angelo all-day demonstration
21 Mar 2019 Sam Angelo demonstrates at the club meeting.
21 Feb 2019 Phil Lapp talks about hollowing tools in February
17 Jan 2019 Dr. Seri Robinson demonstrates in January!
15 Nov 2018 Dave Gutschmidt demonstrates at the November club meeting!
18 Oct 2018 Auction at the October CWA meeting
15 Sep 2018 CWA Picnic at Phil Lapp's
16 Aug 2018 August meeting cancelled!
19 Jul 2018 Jerry Bahr demonstrates at July club meeting
23 Jun 2018 Vivien Grandoullier all-day, hands-on class
22 Jun 2018 Vivien Grandoullier all-day demonstration
21 Jun 2018 Vivien Grandoullier from France demonstrates at Thursday evening club meeting
14 Jun 2018 AAW Symposium in Portland on June 14-17th!!
17 May 2018 Jerry Harris demonstrates at May Meeting!
19 Apr 2018 Michael DeForest Demonstrates in April
18 Mar 2018 Second John Jordan all-day, hands-on workshop
17 Mar 2018 John Jordan hands-on workshop
16 Mar 2018 John Jordan all-day demonstration
15 Mar 2018 John Jordan Demonstrates at the March club meeting
15 Feb 2018 Rick Rich Demonstrates in February
18 Jan 2018 Jim Piper demonstrates in January
16 Nov 2017 Dan Tilden demonstrates
19 Oct 2017 Club Auction
23 Sep 2017 Sally Ault hands-on workshop
22 Sep 2017 Sally Ault all-day demonstration: Jewelry and Urchin Boxes
21 Sep 2017 September challenge: scoops, spoons and treen
21 Sep 2017 Sally Ault club demonstration
17 Aug 2017 John Hampton demonstration at club meeting
17 Aug 2017 August Challenge: turnings with more than one part
22 Jul 2017 Michael Mocho all-day, hands-on workshop
21 Jul 2017 Michael Mocho all-day class
20 Jul 2017 Michael Mocho demonstration at club meeting
15 Jun 2017 June Challenge: something burned and colored
15 Jun 2017 June Meeting: nifty jigs and tricks to help you turn
18 May 2017 May Meeting Challenge: vessel with inset rim or feet
18 May 2017 May meeting demonstrator: Howard Borer
22 Apr 2017 Lane Phillips all-day, hands-on class: turning a vessel with an inset rim and three feet
21 Apr 2017 Lane Phillips all-day class: deciding what to turn and turning a three-footed bowl
20 Apr 2017 April meeting challenge: burned turnings
20 Apr 2017 April meeting demonstrator - Lane Phillips: turning an "upside down" natural edge bowl
23 Mar 2017 March meeting challenge - something pierced
23 Mar 2017 March Meeting - Carl Jacobson demonstrates Lichtenberg figures
17 Mar 2017 Oregon Woodturning Symposium
16 Feb 2017 February Meeting Challenge - Tops for Kids
16 Feb 2017 February meeting - Kathleen Duncan demonstrates pierced turnings and talks about design
19 Jan 2017 January Meeting Challenge: What did you turn for the holidays?
19 Jan 2017 January Meeting Demonstration - Russ Coker shows how to turn pad foot legs
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